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Taptiq provides an affordable online tool for non-technical people
to launch their own personalized apps within minutes

Taptiq provides an affordable online tool for non-technical people to launch their own personalized apps within minutes

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What is a Taptiq?

Taptiq is a comprehensive visual app building platform that lets you effortlessly create and manage personalized apps with ease.

With Taptiq, you can easily set up, brand, and tune your app, add engaging content, and apply permissions to manage your users' access. You can preview and publish your app directly from Taptiq, and your end users can easily install and use your app on any device or open it in any browser.

Public Profile

Expand your network with our app builder tool's public profile screen. Showcase your app, business, services, and contact details to connect with others like in a social network.

News Feed

Our builder tool offers a news feed with text, photo, and link sharing, rich text formatting, and likes and comments functionality to boost engagement

Member Directory

With the Member Directory template, app builders can create a professional-looking directory that is both informative and easy to use


Our tool allows users to plan, create, and list events with advanced sections such as sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and attendees for seamless event management


Taptiq builder enables the creation of lists or directories for any item, such as restaurants, workout routines, beauty products, hiking trails, plant species, or pet supplies


Our tool includes a marketplace feature for users to sell anything, with the added ability to highlight top deals for increased visibility

Files and Folders

Taptiq platform provides a file manager feature that allows users to list and store files, folders, and links in one central location for easy organization and access


With our tool, users can leverage the private and group chat feature to effortlessly exchange files while communicating with one another


Customize your app's branding with ease using our tool. Assign your logo for app and splash screen, choose custom colors to make a great first impression.

So proud to see how

Non-techs create apps like a Pro

Built an App in ~20 minutes

Content added in ~5 hours

Dave Clark

New Haven Private School

“The new app has been a game-changer for our private school. It’s affordable compared to other options we’ve tried and has significantly increased parent engagement. We’re really happy with it!”

Built an App in ~13 minutes

Content added in ~3 hours

Natali Logunova

The Makeup Bar

“Taptiq helped us validate our idea for a professional beauty community and saved us $5,000 in the process. We used that money to rent a bigger studio for our meetups and grow our startup. We couldn’t have done it without Taptiq!”

Built an App in ~18 minutes

Content added in ~3 hours

Lauren Lee


“OMG, this app rocks! As a wedding business owner, I used it to create a marketplace for local vendors and was able to start earning extra cash right away. I even covered the cost of the app with just one partner! Plus, my customers love the added value. Highly recommend!”

Built an App in ~10 minutes

Content added in ~4 hours

Kelli Clemensen

Man Laston HOA

“One of our HOA neighbors initially created an app for their garage sales and it became so popular that other members started using it. Now, he’s helping us use it as our HOA app, and it’s been a huge hit, especially for newcomers to the neighborhood”

Future of Apps

Say goodbye to App Stores: 👋 hello PWA!

Native apps are a thing of the past - App Stores impose strict rules and fees that limit your reach and profitability. With Progressive Web Apps (PWA), you can take control of your mobile development and reach your audience on any device or platform. PWA offers:
Connect and Sync

Easily integrate with your favorite apps

Our app seamlessly integrates with Zapier, a powerful automation tool that enables anyone to connect their favorite apps and automate repetitive tasks without coding. With Zapier, you can effortlessly set up email notifications via Gmail for new user registrations, add new Trello tickets for app clicks on the "Buy" button, and even create a record in Notion when someone registers for your event in your Taptiq app.

Packages for All:
From Solopreneurs to
Companies and Associations!

Choose the Perfect Package: Start Free or Go Pro, Tailored for Your Unique Needs!



Unleash your creativity with our Free package: maximum features like our Premium plan, limited to 100 Mb and 3 users. It's the ultimate offer you won't want to miss!

No credit card required



per month
Begin your app journey seamlessly with our Starter Package, tailored for small communities, startups, and departments of up to 50 users. It's the perfect launchpad for your venture.



per month
Elevate your community's potential with our Pro Package. Take your community to the next level with Taptiq. Unleash the full power of your brand today!




per month
Enhance community events and networking with our Premium Package. Includes 20 GB storage, seamless integrations, and priority support. Elevate your community engagement now!



per month (from)
Get all the benefits of the Premium Package along with a dedicated concierge manager to build and manage content, users and integrations for your app.


Unleash Your Creativity: Build a Custom Screens

Although our templates are suitable for most business needs, we recognize that each business has its own distinct requirements. That's why we offer a simple drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create custom screens within minutes, without any hassle.