Taptiq vs. Facebook for Upscale Business Growth

In the modern digital world, it is hard to imagine a successful business without an app, website, or any other online space for its customers. People spend most of their time surfing the web, which makes it crucial for businesses to develop an effective digital connection with their audience. When selecting ways to promote your company online and attract new customers you might be overwhelmed with a variety of options. The first thing that comes to mind is creating a Facebook group, which is free and a widely used tool that offers community engagement within the world’s largest social network. However, is this as good for your business needs as it might seem at first glance? Let’s cover the important things to consider while deciding on a Facebook group compared to what Taptiq offers!

TaptiqFacebook Group
Easy Customization
Taptiq provides various tools to change the appearance and functionality of your app to fit your brand perfectly. You can even go beyond the basics and build unique custom screens.
Limited Customization
You can’t change much about how Facebook Groups look or work. You’re stuck with the basic setup they give you.
Content Control
You decide the priority for uploaded content so your posts reach users directly without any algorithmic limitations.
Posts Visibility
The algorithm controls how many people see your posts. If it thinks that content isn’t interesting, fewer users will notice it.
Privacy Protection
Taptiq respects your data. You have total control of your sensitive information and no surprises from unexpected policy changes.
Privacy Issues
Facebook manages user data according to its policies, so you don’t have much control over sensitive information shared in your group.
Total Flexibility
Taptiq allows you to set the rules for your app use. You control everything, from the content to the people who can see it. Don’t be scared of losing it because of unexpected policy updates!
Lack of Control
Facebook can change its policy anytime, so your group might be closed without any warnings. You must follow external rules that may not match your business strategy.
Ad-Free Experience
With Taptiq, your app is free of unwanted third-party ads, keeping users focused on the important things. You get complete freedom to share the info about sponsors and partners based on your terms, ensuring the user interface remains clean and customized to your needs.
Ads from Others
Facebook might not place ads directly in groups, but users could see competitors’ ads while using the app or website. Meta is planning to launch a paid subscription for an ad-free experience in Europe, yet there’s no free option.
Easy Content Finding
With Taptiq, every single piece of content you upload to your app has its place. A simple search and filters can help users quickly find what they are looking for, even old posts. No more scrolling through everything just to get to something specific.
Easy to Lose Content
With a single feed for everything, from upcoming events to new product info, finding the necessary content fast is challenging. Search functionality is very limited, so it is even harder to get old posts by keywords.
Full Notification Management
With Taptiq, you decide when and what to send, whether these are important updates or news. This way, your messages stand out, and users stay focused on what you share without the distraction of unrelated notifications.
Too Many Alerts
Users receive plenty of Facebook notifications, like messages from friends or news from other communities. It can distract them and make it difficult to focus on the updates from your group specifically.
Always Available for Support
Our team is ready to help you with any questions or support you might require at all times, whether you need our assistance or want to share your feedback.
Support Challenges
As a group admin, you can access basic Facebook support, but in case of more complex problems, you will need help from experts.

Beyond the Basics with Special Features

Now that we’ve covered the general benefits of Taptiq, it’s time to dive deeper into some special features. We’ll discuss how to use Zapier to make your business run smoother and how to create custom screens for your app. These tools make Taptiq stand out and help you do more with less effort.

Zapier Integrations

Think of Zapier as a magical online helper. It connects your favorite apps, making them work together to do tasks automatically. When something happens in one app, Zapier tells another one to react. The best part is that you don’t need any coding skills.

Benefits for Your Business:

  • Time-Saving: Zapier takes over the repetitive tasks, freeing you up for more important projects.
  • Efficiency Boost: It connects your tasks and workflows, making everything run more smoothly.
  • Fewer Errors: By automating tasks, it reduces the chance of human mistakes.
  • Better Oversight and Results: Ensures tasks are completed accurately, improving results for your team and customers.
  • Cost Saving: Zapier does tasks that usually need someone to do them manually, helping you save money.

Check below the top Zapier automation that Taptiq users love for simplifying their daily tasks.

Using Zapier can change how your business works by taking care of monotonous tasks for you and making everything run better and faster.

Custom Screen

Custom screens in Taptiq let you make your app look exactly how you want. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can design unique menu items, whether it’s for showcasing products, collecting customer feedback, or anything else your business requires.

Boost Your App with Custom Screens:

  • Make Your Ideas Real: Implement your designs with a user-friendly builder and create screens that match your business needs.
  •  Content Options: Add different elements like buttons, images, forms, and even blocks of HTML code to engage users and use AI assistance to simplify the process.
  •  Personalize Your Layout: Adjust and rearrange elements the way you want using the ready-made options.
  •  Shape It to Fit Your Brand: Customize fonts, colors, link effects, and more to align with your brand.
  •  Enhance with Images: Choose from free, high-quality images or upload your own to engage users visually.


Selling on Facebook Marketplace means you are one of many others, but that is not the only challenge. Facebook has many guidelines on what you can and cannot sell, including services, event tickets, or certificates. Even if you follow the rules, there’s still a chance Facebook won’t approve your listings for reasons that aren’t always clear. In addition, Facebook’s algorithm makes it difficult to predict which products will be noticed by potential buyers. Dealing with these issues, the risk of scam buyers, and the lack of personal branding can be a struggle for your business.

Benefits of Creating Your Marketplace with Taptiq:

  • Your Own Space: You control your space and set the rules.
  • Control Your Listings: You choose where each offer goes, putting your best items closer to the top.
  • Highlight Deals: Easily add top offers to a special deals category to attract more buyers.
  • Organize with Categories: Create categories to help customers find what they’re looking for faster.
  • Custom Descriptions: Format your product descriptions to catch buyers’ attention.
  • Buy Button Your Way: Adjust the settings of the buy button to suit your style and needs.
  • Connect with Interested Buyers: Add people who might like your products, making them personal.
  • Instant Notifications: Send notifications to keep your buyers updated on what’s new or on offer.

Building your marketplace with Taptiq empowers you to sell on your terms, making it simpler for customers to shop and easier for you to manage.

Grow with Taptiq

Taptiq is the game changer for your business compared to Facebook groups. You can customize your app’s look and functionality far beyond the basic settings. You decide the priority of the content and who has access to it without worrying about confusing rules or ads popping up everywhere. Unlike Facebook, where you might struggle to get noticed or deal with tricky policies, Taptiq provides the freedom to run things your way, with a dedicated team always ready to help. It is all about getting closer to your customers and ensuring your business stands out in the digital world.

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