Top 5 Reasons Your Local Business Should Have an App

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In today’s competitive market, local businesses need to put a lot of effort into attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. Although having an app can help with this, many business owners worry it’s too challenging or expensive to create one. That’s where Taptiq comes in – with Taptiq, making an app is simple and affordable. You don’t need any coding skills, and it’s much cheaper than building a traditional app. Plus, it’s quick and efficient. Instead of waiting months, you can get your app ready by simply adding necessary information about your products or services. Taptiq takes care of the rest, from features to functionality, making the whole process stress-free. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into why an app is a must-have for your local business and how it can solve some of your biggest challenges.

Reason #1: Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is all about how well people know and remember your brand. According to Global Banking & Finance Review, 71% of interviewed people said they must recognize a brand before making a purchase. Although customers may believe that their decisions are based on careful research and comparison, the truth is that they often prefer to choose a brand that they already know and trust.

Benefits of Brand Awareness:

  • Increasing Sales: The more people know and recognize your brand, the more likely they will buy your products or services. Familiarity builds trust, and trust leads to sales.
  • Building Connections: Over 65% of people feel connected with a specific brand. Brand awareness creates a special bond between your brand and customers. When people feel connected to a brand, they want to support it more.
  • Growing Loyalty: The more people are familiar with and attached to a brand, the more likely they will stay loyal even in case of some issues. Studies have shown that only 17% of customers stop buying from their favorite brand after one mistake. However, if there’s no emotional connection to the brand, almost 40% will leave after just one bad experience.
  • Getting Recommended: If customers are emotionally engaged with a brand, there are more chances they will recommend it to their friends, colleagues, and family. People tend to believe recommendations from someone they know are one of the most credible sources of information.

How an App Can Grow Your Brand’s Awareness:

  • Increase Visibility: By simply existing on a user’s device, your app makes your brand more visible. Every time users scroll through their phones, they see your logo and name, keeping your brand fresh in their minds.
  • Push Notifications: Use push notifications to alert users about special offers, discounts, or new products. This not only reminds them of your brand but also encourages immediate engagement.
  • Encourage User Interactions: Add polls, discussions, and feedback forms within your app to foster a sense of community. Engaging users in this way makes them feel important and more connected with your brand.

Reason #2: Boost Up Sales

85% of shoppers prefer apps over websites for online shopping. Why? Apps are much more accessible. We can open them with a single tap instead of typing the necessary URL in the browser. With features like push notifications and messages, apps provide a direct connection with users that websites can’t match. It isn’t only about e-commerce but also proves that most people like how easy-to-use apps are. Below, we’ll explore various ways to utilize app functionalities to increase your sales.

Offer Exclusive Content

Offering app-exclusive content, products, or early access to sales is a fantastic way to make your customers feel special and valued. It creates a sense of belonging and privilege. When customers know they’re getting access to products, offers, or information that isn’t available to everyone, it stimulates their interest and encourages them to act quickly on these opportunities. This strategy increases brand loyalty and sales by providing exclusive deals.

Here’s how you can put this idea into action with Taptiq:

  • Selecting Interested Users: In the Taptiq App Builder, when you introduce a new product, you can choose users who might be interested in it and notify them specifically. 
  • Control Content Visibility: With Taptiq’s file manager, you can decide who sees what. You might have exclusive offers or event info that you only want certain users to access. To do this just choose the specific group in the settings.

Use Push Notifications

Push notifications can be a powerful tool for increasing sales and keeping your customers engaged. By sending messages about special deals, new products or services, and personalized recommendations, you can motivate clients to take action. For example, by alerting customers to limited-time offers, you can encourage them to make a purchase or book a service right away. This approach is effective for any type of business. By providing customers with timely and relevant information, push notifications can help improve their shopping or booking experience and drive sales for your business.

Important statistics on push notifications:

  • Nearly 90% of all users in 2022–2023 subscribed to push notifications using mobile devices.
  • 90% of those who receive push notifications open them.
  • They have an opening rate of 50% greater than email marketing.
  • When compared to email marketing, the click rate is seven times greater.
  • Within an hour after getting them, 40% of people respond to push notifications.

Provide All Essential Information

It’s crucial to add all the necessary information about your products or services in your app if you want to increase sales. When customers can easily access details like pricing, availability, and delivery times, they can make quick decisions. It helps build trust and enhances their confidence in purchasing from you. By providing clear and immediate answers within your app, you greatly increase the chances that customers will choose you over your competitors. This level of transparency and accessibility makes your app a valuable tool for customers and leads to increased sales for your business.

Reason #3: Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention means keeping customers buying your products or using your services in the long run. It’s about making sure customers choose you over others, not just once, but many times.

Customer retention is crucial for several reasons:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Keeping existing customers usually costs less than finding new ones.
  • Value of Loyalty: Customers who stay loyal often buy more over time.
  • Referrals: Satisfied customers are likely to recommend you to others.

For local businesses, retaining customers is extremely important. Loyal customers create a sense of community around your business, making it a favorite spot in the neighborhood. They also provide a steady income stream, which is more reliable than always trying to attract new customers. Moreover, retaining customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones, which can help save you money. Satisfied customers will recommend your business to others, helping to build your reputation in the area. They can also provide valuable feedback on how to make your business even better.

Here are some ideas to keep customers returning:

  • Customer Support: Make it easy for users to reach out for help. Providing quick and helpful responses to any issues can significantly boost customer satisfaction and retention.
  • User Feedback: Encourage and simplify the process for users to leave feedback within the app. It provides valuable insights for improvement and makes customers feel heard and valued. In the Taptiq App Builder, you can easily create a custom screen with a feedback form or use discussions to get customers’ opinions.
  • Personalized Experiences: Keep track of customers’ data to offer personalized recommendations. You can use Zapier to automatically store information about purchases or event registrations, which can help you understand their preferences and improve the overall experience.

Reason #4: Offer Better User Experience

An app can greatly improve the customer experience for local businesses in several ways:

  • Easy Reservations and Orders: Customers can make reservations or place orders with just a few taps, removing the need for calls or personal visits.
  • Fast and Efficient Service: By allowing customers to select services or items in advance, businesses can prepare for their visit, making the experience smoother and faster.
  • Direct Feedback: Make it easy for customers to provide feedback on their experiences, helping businesses improve and making customers feel heard.
  • Up-to-date Information: Keep customers informed about the latest offerings, updates, or changes directly through the app, ensuring they always have the most current information.

A positive experience encourages customers to return and recommend you to others, which is a key to success and growth.

Reason #5: Stand Out From the Competition

Having a mobile app can make you stand out from the crowd of your competitors. It demonstrates your dedication to giving a comfortable user experience and your willingness to invest in it. It improves your company’s image in the eyes of potential clients and shows that you stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that are making interactions smoother, quicker, and more enjoyable for customers. Moreover, a mobile app creates a direct and personal communication channel with your customers, enabling you to connect with them in a more personalized and targeted manner. By adopting this comprehensive approach to technology and prioritizing customer satisfaction, your business can greatly enhance its competitiveness in the marketplace.

Summing Up

Having an app is crucial for local businesses today. It helps increase your visibility, sell more, keep customers happy, and beat the competition. An app lets you offer something unique that customers will keep returning for. Taptiq makes creating an app a breeze and at an affordable cost. You don’t need to be a tech expert to get started. Taptiq simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what you do best: serving your customers and growing your business. So, why wait? Try Taptiq today and give your business the boost it deserves!

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